Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thursday 29th May - Optional extras day

Thursday is the day when we students get to try out a commercially provided caving experience. A lot chose to participate in the Abyss trip offered by Black Water Rafting. One group headed off to join a trip in the morning.

We had a bit of waiting around at the start, then wow…… what a beautiful deep hole to abseil into, shaped like an hour glass, it went from wide to extremely narrow making the caver needing to be very “manoeuvrent” (!!) It was sooo cool in that the guides let you lead rather than follow, turning head lamps off and allowing you to find your own way.

A flying fox was cut short with a loud bang as the guides tried (but failed) to scare you. Then we regrouped with a nice hot coffee or tea and anzac slice to revive us. Our group conquered our fear of jumping into the unknown and leaped off a 5 meter cliff into the cave stream. When the water finally came back after Mr Cresswell jumped in and we got to paddle downstream in the dark to see all the glow worms. We went back down stream in the dark with the guide whistling ‘pop goes the weasel’. We got to slide down a dam, went through a squeeze, climbed up three waterfalls and climbed through into daylight again.

What a great experience, we all loved it – Dusty, Kent and Michaela.

Tuesday 27th May and Wednesday 28th May

First ever experience of underground caving!! Absolutely wicked!! I entered Gardner's Gut for the first time on Tuesday, warm, dry, excited and nervous of what it would be like. I left cold and wet (after completing the squeeze) with a whole new appreciation of wide open spaces.

Wednesday evening we changed our plan and went back into Gardner's again, ready for a new squeeze. the formations were amazing, so beautiful. I felt so privileged to be in the group that went through there. The squeeze was awesome. Very different from the first one; definitely more of a challenge. Overall these two days have been amazing; so much was learnt and there is so much that cannot be described. Humming holes, water and wetas. All was great fun!!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Night Roaming

After a wonderful dinner, our intrepid group set off to explore Ruakuri scenic reserve with the Aranui cave. The students had a little navigating exercise to do in the dark.

On return to our accomodation we went through the next days program.

Then we did out homework.

Arrival At Waitomo

Freyberg High School Geography trip to Waitomo arrived safely. The students got settled in and took part in a ice breaker exercise led by Ms Carter. We are looking forward to dinner and a walk in the dark after dinner.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Year 12 Geography trip to Waitomo

As of Monday the Year 12 Geogoraphers will be in Waitomo. We'll be learning about Limestone landscapes and the beautiful, bizarre subterranean world below the surface. We'll caress a glowworm, goggle at Stalactites and squirm through mud to get there. One thing;s for sure, we'll have fun doing it.