Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tongariro 2012 Trip


By the morning we had decided that the forecast was sufficiently bad for later in the week so that all students were to do the crossing on the same day - today.

Tongariro 2012 Trip


We traveled to Whakapapa over the course of the day, after stopping for lunch at Taihape. The journey was stress free and we arrived in good form.

Accommodation arrangements were sorted by Mr Books and Mr Steed, and all students were ensconced comfortably in the digs for the week.

A quick jaunt was arranged for everyone to walk to Taranaki Falls. As you can see a number of people decided that a swim was in order.

Mrs Barsanti has taken over the demanding job of doing the cooking; she set the bar high by presenting us with a delicious feed of Kiwiburgers on the first night. Ask Mr Steed what he thought of his home made kiwi double down burger (carbos are, after all over rated!)