Monday, February 21, 2011

Year 13 Tongariro Camp: Day 1

After a trouble free, uneventful start to the day, with no stragglers or no shows, our bus convoy left the school around 9:36:45. We enjoyed a beautiful drive up, with no crashes or thunderstorms. Heavy dosings of reggae did occur. The trip was enhanced by two stops organised by Mr Collier, where he explained to us the significance of the surrounding landscape and geographical features. All very important. Yep.

At approximately 2:27:53 we arrived safely at the campsite where luxurious bunkrooms filled with soft delicate matresses were divied out, except to 6 hardy young souls, brave men all, who decided to exist in a tent and to become one with nature. Respect.

At 3:06:12 (precisely) in the afternoon, we set off on the first trek of the camp, to Taranaki Falls. The experience of standing under said falls stung like gravel being thrown by 1000 toddlers. Some found inner peace on a boulder behind the waterfall. Others relished the freezing cold water.

The evening was filled with preparation for the following days events (plus mean food) as various individuals prepared themselves mentally, physically and spiritually to face the mighty Tongariro.

Shoutout: Yo Littley, from yo boiz/girlz

Gladly written by Fraser W and Luke H

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