Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wednesday 1st June

Wednesday id the first day of the two full days spent at Waitomo. Two of the four groups spend the day caving, while the other two divide their time between a lecture by the education officer - Scott Adkins at the Waitomo Discovery Centre; a drive out to some prominent landmarks such as Marokopa Falls and the Mangapahoe Natural Bridge as well as a guided visit to the Ruakuri tourist cave - a physically easy but thought provoking day.

The cavers on the other hand spend their time with guides in Zweiholen and with staff in the Mangapahoe cave found on the Stubbs' Farm out Te Anga Road way. The caves are dramatically different and rewarding in different ways. Zweiholen is pretty, it is mostly dry (but muddy) while Mangapahoe is wet and rough on the body,

Tomorrow will follow much the same pattern.

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